Getting errors while importing the products from AliExpress can be frustrating for the dropshipper. However, some errors can be fixed by the users but a few types of errors can be challenging to fix by themselves. In such a case it is recommended that the user consults the support team to solve the problem. Most common errors that a user can face are really easy to fix such as:

Not Logged in - Error importing the product. A pop-up message will tell the user if he/she has not logged in to their WDS account. Just go to WDS account and log in to continue importing products.

"Add to WooDropship Import List" button not displaying on the screen - This could be either because you have not installed the chrome extension or it is disabled in the extension settings. There could also be a problem with the chrome extension. You can try removing the extension and installing it again OR update your browser and extension. This might fix the issue.

Error Importing product "Can't Import this Product" - The user faces this error rarely. This could be due to some technical issue with the website. You need to contact our support team immediately and raise a service request for the same. Our team will handle the issue.
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