When you get an order on your WooCommerce store, it should automatically appear on your WooDropship dashboard under the Orders section. If you don’t see your order being automatically synced, it could be because of the following reasons:

You might have changed the product SKU after pushing it to store.
Order webhooks have been disabled.

If you changed the SKU assigned to the product, WooDropship will no longer be able to track the product or the orders for that product. If you changed the SKU, you can re-import the pushed product from My Products to Import List, which will re-add the product to your Import List. Re-push the product to your store from the Import List and create an duplicate order for the product and the new order will appear in your WooDropship dashboard. You can then fulfill the order normally.

To reset the Order webhooks, head over to the Tools page and click on ‘Reset Webhooks’ button and it will reset your webhooks and your orders will start syncing automatically again.

Please note that this will only make your future orders sync automatically as normal but you will need to use the ‘Sync Orders’ button to sync the existing orders. The ‘Sync Orders’ button can be found on the Tools page too.
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