What are product variants?

When you view a product on AliExpress, you notice that the same product is available in different sizes, colors, textures, patterns, materials, and price points. These options are called product variants.

What is the difference between 'products' and 'product variants'?

There is a subtle yet significant difference between 'products' and 'product variants'. Let's say there is a shirt with 5 sizes and 3 colors. Then, it is 1 product which has 15 product variants (5 sizes x 3 colors). WooDropship plans are based on the product variants as shown on the pricing page. If your plan allows you to have 1500 variants - you can add 1500 products with 1 product variant each or you can add 300 products with 5 product variants each.

How product variants can make life easier?

Enhanced User Experience

If there were no product variants, then visitors would not be able to make a customized purchase. If visitors are not given the option to choose the desired size or color, then it would not be possible for the user to even make the purchase.

Improved Pricing System

You may have already noticed on AliExpress website that you see a price range for some products such as "$4.99 - 10.99". This means that the price of final product will depend on the user's selection of variants. The algorithm will calculate the final price based on the selection of different size and color by the user.

Managing product variants in WooDropship dashboard

Woodropship lets you edit the product variants while your product is in the import list. Clicking on the variants tab will display the fields such as color, material, size etc. along with price of product on AliExpress, 'Sale price in your store', and 'Regular price in your store'. It even lets you select which variants you want to hide or display on your store
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