To start importing products, you will need WooDropship Chrome Extension. You can know more about how to install it here.

Once it is installed, head over to

There are 2 ways to import any product –

Catalog page
Product page

When browsing AliExpress, you will see an orange icon next to every product when you hover over it.

When you click on the orange button, the product will be added to your ‘Import List’ on WooDropship.

Head over to your WooDropship Dashboard and you will see the product along with its variants in your Import List. Please note that the product pricing will be set according to your Global Pricing Rules.

You can now edit the product title, description, variants and pricing as per your need to match the overall style of your store.

Once you’ve edited the product, click on ‘Push Product’ and the product will be pushed to your store.

You will then see the product in your WooCommerce store along with all the variants and images!
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