Connecting multiple WooCommerce stores to your account

It is possible to connect multiple WooCommerce stores with your WooDropship account. You can always connect your WooDropship account to a new WooCommerce store, but you can only use one store at a time in your WooDropship dashboard. So in other words, one WooDropship account can be used to manage multiple WooCommerce stores.

For example, you have a store with domain name and then you created another store with domain name Now you can connect both of your stores to your single WooDropship account and manage both the stores with one account. You do not need to create a new WooDropship account everytime you connect a new store to it.

To connect a new store to your account, just log in to your WooDropship account and click on the arrow button at the top which will then open a drop-down menu to show you your already connected store(s) (Please refer to image below). You can click on the 'Connect Store' button to add your new store in your account. The process is same for connecting the second store which you can find here.

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