This error occurs when you put in the wrong URL in your account while connecting store to WooDropship.

Please take note that and are two different URLs.

For example, if your store URL is and you put in the store URL field to connect your store, WooDropship will give you a Signature Error. The only way to fix this is to:

Find the right store URL (using the method given below)
Reconnect using the right URL from the Tools page

How do I find the right store URL?

Finding the right store URL is easy. Do the following steps:

Open your browser and go to your shop
Copy the URL from the address bar

Now, all you need to do is reconnect the store using the Tools page.
Once you have reconnected using the right URL, the error will be fixed!

Note: The URL in the address bar is always the right URL. Hence, you should always copy the URL and use it on the Tools page.
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