Editing Products

The products that you import with Woodropship will be available for final editing in your Import list before you publish them to your store for selling.

Editing Description

You can edit and write your own description of the products. Simply click on the product name that you want to edit and use the pop up to make changes.


Click on the “Actions” menu button and select “Edit”

Editing Attributes

You can edit and write your own attribute names if you do not like what is provided by your seller. Simply click on the “Attributes” in the pop up and make the changes.

Editing Variants

You can use the Variants option to edit and select the variants that you want to publish to your store. To edit prices automatically, use the price modifier available in the “Settings” menu.

Once finished with making changes, press the “Esc” key on Keyboard or click anywhere on the screen except the pop up to go back to the import list.
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