Changing currency in WooDropship

In WooDropship, the default currency is set to USD. Let us assume a few things –

We need to change the currency to GBP
Multipliers in Settings > Global Pricing Rules are set to 1.5 and 2 respectively

To change the currency, first Google the currency rate of your desired currency against USD for eg. USD to GBP.

Searching this should show you that 1 USD = 0.78 GBP

Now, to import prices from AliExpress as GBP, do the following steps –

Go to Settings > Pricing Rules
Multiply the multipliers by the exchange rate i.e 0.78

The new multipliers will be 1.17 and 1.56 (based on our assumptions that they are 1.5 and 2 respectively before the change as stated at the start of this article).

DONE! All the products that you now import will have the prices converted to GBP. However, the product Import List page will show USD next to the prices. We will soon be removing that text. Your store currency will be used to display the prices, so that should not be an issue. 🙂
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