Getting Started

Import AliExpress products to your store

To start importing products, you will need WooDropship Chrome Extension. You can know more about how to install it here. Once it is installed, head over to There are 2 ways to import any product – Catalog page Product page When browsing AliExpress, you will see an orange icon next to every product when you hover over […]

Changing currency on WooDropship

In WooDropship, the default currency is set to USD. Let us assume a few things – We need to change the currency to GBP Multipliers in Settings > Global Pricing Rules are set to 1.5 and 2 respectively To change the currency, first Google the currency rate of your desired currency against USD for eg. USD to […]

Install WooDropship Chrome Extension

Installing WooDropship Chrome Extension is simple. Simply click on the link given in your dashboard. An alert will appear giving you the option to add the extension. Click on ‘Add Extension’ and you’re done! You can now import products from AliExpress. You may also install WooDropship Chrome Extension by visiting this Chrome WebStore link. Note: You […]

Configure product pricing for your store

Head over to your WooDropship Settings page and you will be able to adjust your price multipliers and markups under the ‘Global Pricing Rules’ tab. WooDropship offers 2 of product pricing options – Multiplier Fixed Markup Here are a few key terms to wrap your head around before proceeding. Product Cost – This is the […]

Changing product attribute data in Import List

Attribute data from AliExpress is not always perfect. For instance, you might want to change the color from ‘l’ to ‘Large’ and ‘m’ to ‘Medium’. This can be easily done in WooDropship. Simply click on the Variants tab of the product whose attribute data you would like to edit. Simply edit the data and push […]

Editing images in WooDropship

You can easily remove AliExpress image watermarks using our in-app image editing tool. Removing watermarks is super easy. Here’s how – Step #1 – Select the ‘Images’ tab of the product whose images you would like to edit Step #2 – Click on the image you want to edit. A popup will appear. NOTE – An overlay […]

Connecting your WooCommerce store to WooDropship

Connecting your store to WooDropship is easy. Just follow these steps – Click on the ‘Connect Shop’ button on the top left corner of the page. 2. You will be taken to a page where you will have a field to enter your store URL. Put in your store URL including http:// or https://. 3. Click […]

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